Iranian officials threatened to `arrest` President Trump 0Iranian officials threatened to `arrest` President Trump 0

(Dan Tri) – The former commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps warned that Tehran would `arrest` US President Donald Trump for his actions against this country.

Mr. Mohsen Rezaei (Photo: Times of Israel)

“Ultimately, we will arrest Mr. Trump and put him on trial.

In an interview on September 22, Mr. Rezaei sarcastically criticized the United States for not being able to respond to Iran’s downing of Washington’s unmanned reconnaissance plane.

“When the Americans cannot afford to respond to Iran for shooting down their plane, can they protect Saudi Arabia?

Tensions in the Gulf have increased since May 2018 when President Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran.

Tensions continued to escalate again in May this year when Iran began to reduce its implementation of its commitments under the nuclear deal.

Since then, the Gulf region has continuously witnessed attacks on ships, downed drones and seizures of oil tankers.

“Mr. Trump played all his cards.

According to the former commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Gulf will be safe until Western forces leave the area.

“As long as the US, UK and other outside countries still want to stay in the region, the insecurity of security that has lasted for the past 40 years will continue.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani revealed on September 27 that the US has offered to lift all sanctions on Iran if Tehran agrees to enter the nuclear negotiation table.


According to Times of Israel

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