Can new AI software replace manga creators? 1Can new AI software replace manga creators? 1

On May 11, Shueisha’s Shonen Jump Plus editorial service collaborated with Alu Inc.

This service will assist with time-consuming tasks, such as shortening and paraphrasing dialogue, editing content, and generating ideas for themes, titles, and character names through dialogue.

In addition, the author can receive reviews and comments from an objective perspective, receiving opinions from virtual readers.

Example using Comic-Copilot:

Comic-Copilot: First of all, come up with a theme for your manga.

Author: What do you think about the issue of detectives and tutors?

Comic-Copilot: Okay, these two elements could work in new series that satisfy these main plots: (1) A detective story in which a private tutor solves a related mystery

Author: The first one sounded interesting, I thought I’d write about it.

Comic-Copilot: Great, let’s start with the layout of the story (…)

Can new AI software replace manga creators?

The birth of Comic-Copilot received a lot of attention in Japan.

– It can be used for more than writing comics.

– Let’s hope that the next comic series using this technology will not be the same.

– It can be a great service to start writing comics.

– Unlike the illustration industry, the manga industry welcomes AI with open arms.

– Shueisha huh, I guess now Jump is desperately looking for something to catch up with.

– This is interesting.

– I wonder if there are certain limitations to this method.

– I tried it a bit, and it’s something that can absolutely be used to write light novels.

– There will come a day when neither writers nor manga artists are needed to create manga.

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